2015 ACES/SEE Caribbean Eye Meeting: HIGHLIGHTS IN REVIEW


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2015 Featured Presentations


Vance Thompson MD

2015 Sheets Martin Lecture

Getting There: Thriving in
Modern Day Medicine

Jason Bacharach MD

No One Puts Glaucoma in the Corner!


Shamik Bafna MD

Pharma Protocols After Cataracts


John Berdahl MD

Has Femto Become the New Standard
of Care?

David Evans PhD

Maximizing Online Strategies for Patient Acquisition

Pit Gills MD

The Added Value Benefit of Kenalog for My Patients

P. Kirk Labor MD

Cortical Cleanup With the Femtosecond Laser


James Loden MD

What To Do After the Crash?

Cathleen McCabe MD

Descement Disaster


Jonathan Solomon MD

Putting It All Together in the OR


P. Dee G. Stephenson MD, FACS

Dynamics of the Dynamic Reticle


Denise Visco MD

Femto With White Cataracts Video

Elizabeth Yeu MD

IOL Exchange Challenges